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aftrART is dedicated to helping artists understand the practical side of making it as an artist.


But here, we know that “making it” doesn’t always mean that you’re trying to get into the Whitney Museum, sell a $20,000 pieces of art, or even become a full-time artist. Success can be as simple as self-publishing your own art book, getting into your first group exhibition, or managing your time wisely to balance a job with a studio practice.


No matter what success means to you, everything that is said, written, and done here is with the intent to help student and early-career artists understand their options in the arts, and ultimately reach their creative goals — whatever they may be.



As artists, we spend plenty of time talking about art. But what happens when you’re ready to edit, promote, or even sell you’re work?


Here, we take on the topics that artists often avoid or overlook, to make sure student and early-career artists are prepared to reach their goals. So be sure to sign up for aftrART’s email newsletter to find out about the latest videos and blog posts!

Ever think about an artist you admire, and wonder how they got there?


When conversations revolve around creation, it can be hard to imagine all of the ups and downs that come with a creative career.


That’s why we put the artist’s journey at the forefront, sharing the stories and experiences of working artists and creative professionals at various points in their career.

Art should never be alienating or exclusive, yet it’s so often perceived as such.


That’s why aftrART is dedicated to helping all artists get the information they need to be successful. By doing so, we aim to reach new audiences, and increasingly grow support for the arts.

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