I’m a digital marketer/copywriter by day and I run aftrART by night.


But at my core, I’m an artist, photographer, and visual storyteller.


Born and raised in Yuma, Arizona, I moved to Tempe to pursue my passion for the arts at Arizona State University. And by May of 2015, I felt like I was exactly where I needed to be.


I had just taken down my first independently-organized solo exhibition, I had recently won a national award for photography, I accepted a summer internship at a prestigious art center, and I was so ready to graduate.


But fast forward 6 months: I returned to Arizona from Anderson Ranch Arts Center exhausted, broke, jobless, without a permanent home, and questioning if I had made the wrong choice by getting a studio art degree…

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My passion for creating was completely stifled by my need to survive.


So I got a part-time job at a camera shop that was a 30-minute commute from the room I shared with my boyfriend, in a house of 4 other guys. Although we eventually found an apartment, and I started to feel like I was on stable ground again, my ambition for the arts was lost…


And it took me a long time to recover.


2016 was a rough year for me, especially as an artist. But I came to one significant realization: Despite plenty of work experience and a challenging fine art curriculum, my BFA didn’t prepare me for the highs and lows that artists face in their creative journey.


So I decided to change that.



I created aftrART to help artists like me gain information they need to be successful, so that less of us feel left out in the dark like I did after graduating.


So please feel free to reach out to me with any questions, comments or concerns. More than anything, I’m here to help!

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